The Sum of its Parts (11 chapters total)
by JB McDragon
Rating: R/NC-17
Genre: Action/adventure.
Characters: Spock and Kirk (eventual Spock/Kirk)
Spoilers: Uh. There was a new movie.
Word count: 42,000

Broken: Adj. Def. 1. destroyed; made into pieces from a whole.

The Casari homeworld is a place that has yet to become unified. The people are ready to join the Federation, but one rebel faction will do anything to stop it. Anything, including capturing a starship captain and his first officer. With Kirk's memory damaged and Spock's mental shields shattered, escape is unlikely. It won't stop them from trying.

Notes: Many thanks to my beta-reader and font of information (aka, my pusher and dealer), alestar.

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